About Us

A Mother’s Dilemma

For years, our founder had a disquieting unease growing inside of her. She had worked tirelessly to detect and fix alarming mistakes by nutritional supplement makers, some of them the largest and most well-known brands.

In that time, she witnessed unthinkable practices – anything from using expired raw materials, to introducing additives to falsely pass standard testing, to failing to meet label claims or improperly labeling products.

>>>NY Attorney General: Nearly 80% of supplements sold by GNC, Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens brands found to contain NONE of herbal supplement claimed on label.

But she didn’t know just how bad that unease had grown until she was pregnant with her first child.

Suddenly, she was faced with finding a prenatal supplement that she could not only trust with her own body, but with that of her daughter growing inside her.

And she realized that it simply didn’t exist.

Having had an inside look at how major brands developed, formulated, tested, and produced nutritional supplements, there simply wasn’t a prenatal supplement on the market that she could trust with her unborn child.

With Great Need Comes Great Innovation

So she did the only thing she could…  She created it.

Obsessed with what every mother wants for her children – only the safest products made from premium quality materials under the highest and strictest standards – our founder took it one step further:

She vowed that her prenatal would be properly labeled and not only meet, but exceed, label claims.

And BioTrition’s Mother’s Love Prenatal DHA was born.

What began as a mother’s quest for safe prenatal supplements for the proper development of her babies has now grown into a beloved line of nutritional supplements for both children and adults.

Join us on our mission to provide only the safest products manufactured under the highest standards to not only meet, but exceed label claims every time.

Nutrition for all Families

In our mission to provide only the safest and highest quality nutritional supplements, we realized some families are not getting nutrition at all, let alone quality nutrition.

Every year, BioTrition donates nutritional supplements to charities devoted to feeding needy children and families.  In addition, a portion of proceeds from each bottle of BioTrition supplements sold goes towards helping these needy families.